Monday, October 5, 2015

Miss Schaar's Diner

Happy Fall! I have been super busy, and waiting so patiently for my new blog design that should be up hopefully very soon! I cannot believe that it is already October, where has the year gone? In math we just wrapped up our unit on adding and subtracting decimals. With our scope and sequence we had entire week of problem solving. I was racking my brain for ideas on how to make this engaging for my kids. Enter my idea for Miss Schaar's Diner. 

Our math block is right after specials. So lucky me, I had plenty of time to turn my room into a diner. I started off very simple this year. I bought the red and white table cloths from Party City and the red diner baskets at SAMs Club. Simple as that. When my kids came in the oohs and ahhs began. Just a simple table cloth thrown over their desks got them that much more excited about what we were going to do! 

As they entered the room I handed out menus to my diner. The students got a chance to look over it and talk about what they would order with their partners. We started with our "appetizer" which was doing 2 practice problems on the board and the kids did on white boards. Once we had completed our appetizer round, it was on to the main course. 

For the main course, they were invited back to their tables with their math groups. The main course was the task cards at their desk in the red baskets. I made these task cards with my students' names on them and differentiated for each group. They worked together to complete the task cards.

At the end, they had to pay for their meal, AKA the receipt which was their exit ticket. This was a quick and easy way to see how the kids were doing with adding and subtracting decimals.

The students had a great time feeling like they were taken to a diner away from school. I have ideas for next year when I do this activity to add more to it, but this year was a success! 

If this is something that will work for your class, I have posted it to TPT as an editable product so you can personalize it for your class!

Find it here.


  1. I love this idea! I purchased your Game of Life product on TPT and can't wait to use it next week when we begin adding and subtracting decimals. Will this product be on your TPT store?


    1. Hi! Thank you for stopping by Elizabeth! Yes! I am working on it right now. I am hoping to make it editable so people can insert their own students' names! Be on the lookout for it!

    2. Elizabeth, I just posted it to TPT! I hope you enjoy!