Sunday, March 27, 2016

Problem Solving Police

Problem solving is a daunting task. Making it fun and engaging can be a challenge. I was itching to do another room transformation, so cue Kim Bearden and the amazing Elizabeth Hall over at Kickin' in Kindergarten because they inspired me for this activity. I wanted to turn my room into a crime scene/police station. Ta-da, problem solving police!

The content and meat of this activity was not to go and solve multi-step word problems, I wanted them to have to think deeper and access higher level thinking skills. My students had to analyze work of someone (me) who had already solved the ten multi-step word problems. They had to decide what mistakes were made and correct them. Hello higher level thinking! :)

Set-up was easy! I hung the case numbers up from the ceiling with yarn so the kids could easily find the different cases. The solved problems were sitting in bins from the always wonderful Target dollar spot! Other than those things, the only other thing I needed to order was caution tape. I taped the caution tape up around my room so students had to duck and weave around it, tom make it a little more real.

Now to the fun of the activity. Each student was a police officer who had 10 cases to solve. Every problem was a 2 part question, and they had the option of working independently or with others in the class. This was the best part of the activity was hearing the students talk about the problems. Hearing their reasoning made my teacher heart happy!

At the beginning, each officer was given a file folder with all of the materials they needed. Included was their name tags and 10 citation forms which they filled out for very case. The citation form is where they had to identify what was done incorrectly.

This activity challenged my students and made them think rather than just solving problems. I also had them correct the problems so they were practicing their problem solving skills.

I hope to have this activity up in my TPT store sometime this coming week! Hello spring break! Below are some more pictures of this fun activity!

Happy Spring ya'll!

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