Friday, September 2, 2016

Where I've Been Lately...

Hi everyone! I find myself sitting on my couch after another long week, finally relaxing. I have not been by here lately because I don't feel like I have stopped. Everyone is busy and has a million and two things to do everyday, but this past month has felt like a whirlwind for me. Anyone else out there feel me? I am hoping I am not alone in this! There was the beginning of the school year, I moved, had to go to a wedding back home in Evansville, the beginning of school (oh wait, I already said that), but this year has been a little more crazy than my others. But, I have come out on the other side, and I have survived BTS 2016!

My long absence from the blog is over, and I have some really exciting content coming your way over the next couple of weeks!

I hope you have survived BTS 2016 and are off to a great school year!

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