Thursday, July 28, 2016

Back to School Math Centers (4th Grade Review)

Good morning ya'll! The clock is ticking, and I just finished a math bundle that I have been working on to get done before the school year! This bundle is specifically for 4th grade review! I wanted to make some fun math activities for students to get back in the swing of school, and to dust off those cobwebs from the summer! I am going to break down each activity included and explain to you how they can be used in your classroom!

Adding & Subtracting Fractions BINGO

This game is perfect for practicing adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators. It is a simple, student led math center. Students place all of the problem cards face down, then flip one over at a time where everyone in the group solves it, and looks for the sum or difference on their bingo sheet. The goal is to be the first one to get a bingo! (Click the image below to grab this product.)

Comparing Fractions & Decimals Sort

This activity is wonderful for practicing that dreaded skill of comparing decimals and fractions. There are 2 sets of number cards, decimals and fractions. The students pick out 2 of one type of card and lay the cards out in front of them, then they complete the comparison sentence by putting the numbers under the greater than, less than, or equal to apple. For example, if I pulled a 6.78 and 9.01 I would slide the numbers under the less than apple because 6.78 is less than 9.01. (Click the image below to grab this product.)

Mixed Number Match-Up

This activity is great for practicing changing between mixed numbers and improper fractions, and being able to recognize the picture that represents the mixed number and improper fraction. Students must complete the 3 piece puzzles matching the picture representation, improper fraction, and mixed numbers. (Click the image below to grab this product.)

Whole Number Multiplication Mystery Message 

I love mystery messages! They are such a fun way to have students practice a skill. This activity covers 2x1 digit and 2x2 multiplication where the students have to solve the problems on the task cards to get the answer that corresponds to the letter that will help them figure out the message! This message is a very inspirational message for the beginning of the year! (Click the image below to grab this product.)

Rounding Whole Numbers Roll

Rounding. I am hoping I am not the only teacher who feels like rounding is a hard concept for some students. I made this product to hopefully help students practice this skill. There are numbers on the pencils, so students will pick a pencil and then they have to roll the place value dice and round their number to that place value. The place values go from ones to millions. (Click the image below to grab this product.)

Multiplication Math Fact Spoons Game

Who doesn't love the classic card game spoons? I wanted to make this game come to life in my classroom. I wanted to make a versatile activity that can be used in more way than one. This activity is math fact cards from 2-12 facts. They use all the cards and play spoons. There are so many ways you can use this product. Students can practice multiples, prime and composite, even and odd, all four the same product, and many more. The possibilities are endless! (Click the image below to grab this product.)

If these activities would work in your classroom for your students, you can grab the BUNDLE here! All the activities above are included in the bundle!

Happy Back to School friends,


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