Monday, July 13, 2015

Let me introduce myself...

HI! As I start this journey as a blogger, I thought I would introduce myself so you all could get to know me a little better! I thought what better way to get to know someone than a list of facts about them and what they love. So, without further a due...

1. I live in Indianapolis, IN and I love it! Originally from Evansville, IN (southern IN), but Indy is where I landed. There is so much to do, and there is constantly something new to do in the city with friends and I LOVE IT! I live with the 2 best roommates ever, and we love to go and experience Indy together. I always thought I would move away from Indy after college to experience something new, but nope that didn't happen, and here I am. 
4th of July fireworks from Downtown
2. I went to Butler University for my undergrad. If we are going to talk about something I love, this is where majority of my love lies! I was lucky and had a wonderfully awesome college experience! I met the best people, learned a whole lot, and experienced some fantastic college basketball! (Go Dawgs!) I think I could go on and on about Butler and my love for it. Hinkle Fieldhouse is a magical place. Indiana is basketball central. One of my favorite memories is from freshman year when Butler made it to the Final Four. My sister and some friends went to the Elite 8 game in New Orleans, then turned around and went to the Final Four in Houston. Long story short, we put 5,000 + miles on my dad's car in 7 days. Something I will never forget! I was also in a sorority where I met the best people ever.

Hinkle Fieldhouse

Some of my best friends ever!
I wouldn't have survived ed classes without them!

3. I love photography! It is a passion of mine, and every time I am able to be behind my camera, I am a very happy person! On an average vacation or trip I take 700+ pictures, can you say love?

4. My family. I am almost certain I have the best family in the world.  We are very close and I love when I get to spend time with them, it is never a dull moment! They have supported me through everything I've done, and I couldn't be more thankful! I have one older sister who is 3 years older than me, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. She is the greatest. Lindsay recently got engaged, and in October I will get a brother, Andy! SO EXCITED!

Selfies get the family photo done!

Me, Mom, Lindsay, Andy, Dad

5. If you didn't catch it in the blog title, I teach 5th grade! I always knew I wanted to teach upper elementary, and I think I've found my grade. Quick story on how I got to the school I am at. At Butler, we student teach for our whole senior year, 2 placements, one each semester. My first semester was the BEST because I was placed at a school I love (where I am now) and my cooperating teacher was a sorority sister. We couldn't have worked any better together. It was in fifth grade. Skip ahead a few months, and my cooperating teacher (who was engaged) announced she would be moving to Alabama. Insert me! I was lucky enough to fill her big shoes and join the 5th grade team. 
Last year was my first year teaching, and was it a crazy one. I don't think there is a teacher out there who wouldn't say that their first year wasn't crazy! I learned a lot and cannot wait to start this year with what I learned last year and the tools in my toolbox I gained.

So, there are five things about me, there is a lot more to me, but these are the five I thought of as I was writing this! I will share more about myself as the blog goes on. I hope this helped you learn a little more about me!


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