Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Math + Music = Student Engagement

I love music. I have music playing all the time, at home, in the classroom, in the car, on a run, you get the point! I loved when I was a student, learning songs that went with concepts, I always remembered them! Let's be honest, I STILL remember them! I am taking some advice form the wonderful Hope King. (from ). She recently posted about how she uses songs to help students remember concepts here. So I decided to give it a try!

In fifth grade, there are a ton of math concepts students are expected to understand and be able to do. These concepts have many different steps that I watched students last year get confused and not know which steps went with what concepts. Insert Hope's great idea. I decided to start with adding and subtracting decimals. It is one of the easier concepts, but I wanted to engage them with a song to help them remember the steps. Almost every kid (even though boys who won't admit it) like Taylor Swift and they know her music. I went with her most recent hit, "Bad Blood." Below are the lyrics, and before you start calling me Kendrick Lamar, I went with the original version because I am not great at rapping. Not saying I'll never attempt it, but I played it safe this time around. Something I didn't do was use the entire song. I start at the beginning and end after the chorus. I hope this helps some fifth grade teachers out there.

I really want to put a video up of me singing/saying it for you all, but I cannot get this program to work. If I do, it will be below. :)

The lyrics are below, if you have any questions, comment below!

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