Tuesday, July 28, 2015

SCOOTS and Math

After my adventure with starting my TPT store, I quickly finished up my first product that I have for sale. I love using scoots in my classroom, and I think they are fantastic ways to get kids up and moving. I know people like for their kids to sit and do practice problems, but why not add to the craziness that is our classrooms and get the kids up and moving, talking academic talk, and possibly listening to "word music"? All through last year, I used scoots mainly in math, and it was a huge success. Back to more of the "word music", I play music constantly in my classroom, mostly classical/instrumental covers of popular songs. I always tell me kids we will never listen to word music during reading because its hard to comprehend, but for math they love it. I was told by another teacher one time when she walked passed my room when we were doing a scoot that my class looked like fun, controlled chaos. Thats exactly the way I like it.

My goal for my first couple of products in my TPT store will be scoots to match fifth grade standards, but will work your higher students in fourth and lower in sixth. 

My product below is for practicing multi-digit multiplication. I laminate the cards, cut them out, and then tape them all around my room so my kids are spread out when doing the scoot. In fifth grade, I give them a little more freedom than I would for a younger group of students. We have to talk about my expectations before I let them loose. I love this activity, and so do my kids!

Click here to get this product!

I hope people find this product helpful in their classroom!


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